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Editor & Motion Graphics Designer


March 2021-present

Developed and created motion graphics for several Snapchat shows with over 100k subscribers, including The Scroll, Temperature Check, Strange Sports, and Odd Jobs. Responsible for overseeing entirety of post production, from edit to animation.

Editor & Creative Assistant

Mi Alma Films

AUG 2019-present

Engage in creative development and collaboration with Rashaad Ernesto Green, director of Premature, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for the 2020 Independent Spirit Awards. Includes editing sizzle reels, writing script coverage, and providing feedback on trailers and posters.

Motion Graphics Designer

IdeaFront by Futurism

Editor & motion Graphics Designer



Settle for Biden

Editor & motion Graphics Designer

Jerry Media

Video Producer

CU Presents &

Colorado Shakespeare Festival

Video Producer

Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company

Manager & Graphics Designer

International Film Series

Develop unique motion graphics that maintain stylistic integrity while also breaking down complex scientific concepts and ideas.

April-December 2020

Develop and implement graphics and animations consistent with various companies branding. Responsible for making videos as engaging as possible with editing and graphic techniques.

April-November 2020

Settle for Biden is a grassroots coalition of young progressives who did not have Biden as their first choice, but are dedicated to making Trump a one-term president. I am responsible for creating animated content for the social media pages.

July-November 2020

Develop/design graphics for IGTV series. Edit and create motion graphics to tell a coherent story and maintain unique branding.

Jan-November 2020

Conceive and produce videos in order to promote all type of Performing Arts performances, seeing the video through from ideation to posting online. Involved working collaboratively to meet the visions of many faculty members, meeting tight deadlines, and being responsible for writing, producing, shooting, editing, color grading, motion graphics, encoding, and posting.


Created various trailers and promotional content for BETC, with tight deadlines, and quick, unpredictable shoots.


Successfully ran many screenings and events. Includes creating pre-show motion graphic and animation content, and writing articles about films screened.



University of Colorado Boulder

Class of 2019

B.F.A. with Honors in Film Production

B.A. in Film Studies

Minor in Technology, Arts, and Media


Award for Excellence in Film Studies for the Advancement of Diversity and Equity

Spring 2016

Grillo Award

for Excellence in Filmmaking

January  2017

Selected for Telluride Film Festival

Student Symposium

Summer 2017

Official Selection

Rocky Mountain PBS 'In Short'

Fall  2017

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